Hi, first oh all, let me introduce myself, and share some history with you. My name is Barry Leonard, I grew up in a town called Wodonga, I have lived in this region all my life. Even though I have been interested in photography as long as I can remember, I didn't start until I turned 42 or 43 years old, for years I was shooting wildlife, Landscape, street and flowers, while taking those sorts of photos I found that none really excited me anymore, this was becoming concerning as I was losing interest in photography as a hole, What turned it around, well, one day I was at a friends house, for a BBQ, I got talking to the son our friend and asked if I could come and shoot his Death Metal band, well lucky for me he said yes, this was a turning point for me, I was hooked, so much so, I told my wife I needed a new camera and a lens to suit the new style of photography I wanted to do, lucky I have my beautiful and understanding wife Vanessa, who supported me in this venture.so from September 2017 my path was clear, my passion for live band and event photography was clear. I am now a partner with Atomic Albury where my photos are used for the front cover and the poster in the Atomic Magazine, I have photographed so many amazing musicians that I have become friends with, I hope to photograph so many more before my time is through, and I hope to share my style of editing to new photographers that also fall for live events. and thank you all for checking out my website. Best Regards to you all.  
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